Grace Baptist Church
Grace Baptist Church

Grace Baptist Church of Frankfort, Indiana

United by our faith in Jesus Christ as the only possible way of salvation, we enjoy working together, praying together, and worshiping together. We want to grow to become more like our Savior. We encourage each other in the faith. If you have not been a part of the church family, come and find out what our family is like.

Construction is nearly finished!

S Maish Rd is smooth and looking good!
Thanks to the many workers and companies involved in the whole project!!

S Maish Rd Block Party!

We, along with our neighbors, are hosting a block party to celebrate the finished construction of S Maish Rd on Saturday, June 3rd. Feel free to join us!

Contact Us Today!

Grace Baptist Church
900 S Maish Rd
Frankfort, IN 46041

Phone: 765 659-2312 765 659-2312


On Sundays
Sunday School 9:30 am
Sunday Morning

10:45 am

Sunday Evening 6:00 pm
On Wednesdays
Kids 7:00 pm

7:00 pm

Adults 7:00 pm


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